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We share with you what has made our clients entrust their projects to us.

"We were looking for a solution in which we could implement projects in a modular and dynamic way with partial deliveries and guaranteeing that we could achieve tangible results very soon in the front of the business. MantizOnline met the defininitions that suited our needs. Today we have implemented a project with this tool and have obtained very good results. "(Transaction Validation of Risk for all asset products).

Jairo Hernando Pedraza, Technology Project Manager of Banco Caja Social Colmena, telling us how MantizOnline has contributed to the operation of his business.

"With MantizOnline the form to manage operations is simpler and faster, it can be done from any computer, even from home. The number of operations per analyst has more than doubled now, becoming almost 20 operations daily, so response times have shortened considerably. Regarding the errors that occurred these have been minimized and if there were any that could be resolved faster, because all parties could interact about the income of an operation to their credit rating and were connected online.

In relation to the areas of support, they also simplified their work previously the assessors had to come to our offices to look for information about houses that need to be rated, with MantizOnline today, we send the information via the system to them and once loaded into the system the assessors can access it, either from their offices or from home. The waiting time for an assessment is less than 2 days; it decreased to half of the time before. Similar benefits have been achieved with notaries and credit rating agencies, where we can meet online and talk about tasks that are taking place and thus know quickly if they were successfully completed or the stage of the deeds."

Alberto Teppa, Chief of Risk Management of Concreses tells how MantizOnline has contributed to their business operations.

"We had made ​​the attempt to automate our Complaints and Reclamations on three other occasions with several different open-source software products but never achieved what was needed. The operation of Processa requires a lot of control in the management of their complaints and reclamations. We needed to work with someone who was able to guarantee the success of the project: MantizOnline as a product had all the features that require full automation, MantizOnline consultants had the expertise to understand our needs, helping to create the workflow and appropriate business rules and the supplier's commitment to bring the project forwards was what ensured us a live rollout and we avoided another failure."

Enrique Candanoza, President of Processa, tells how MantizOnline has contributed to the operation of his business.

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