What is a BPM?

Organizational management model based on the concept of continuous improvement of business processes, in order to implement changes that should be implemented quickly so that fast response is given in a changing and dynamic global market.

What is a business process?

A logically related set of activities whose purpose it is to obtain one or more specific outcomes that produce a value for the organization, its investors or customers.

What could happen to my company and especially its employees with the implementation of a BPM?

The resulting impact to establish a BPM in a company that is working with different systems depends greatly on the chosen one. If you install one that requires no programming and whose processes can be easily redesigned at any time, the implementation of a BPM can be done gradually, initially playing the same circuits that employees are accustomed to handle them easy to change and use textual Business Rules. Then, when they are already familiar with the system, you can define new and change existing structures, adding mechanical trading rules. This causes no rejection.

What is MantizOnline?

To support the organizational model (BPM) it is necessary to have a set of tools that provide the necessary support to fulfill the BPM lifecycle. This set of tools is called Business Process Management System (BPMS) and MantizOnline is one of them.

What is the platform of MantizOnline?

MantizOnline uses as its basic platform Internet Information Server on Microsoft Windows Operating Systems with SQL Server database, the user work with the Internet Explorer.

Does MantizOnline offer Document Administration?

MantizOnline as a BPM contains a set of tools within there are:

    • Workflow Management
    • Motor for decisions
    • Document Management and Scanning
    • A set of tools to interface with other systems,
      • Connection with Oracle
      • SQL Server
      • SOA service through which you could connect and receive or send information to any Web Service.

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