What is MantizOnline?

MantizOnline is a Frontend (browser-based) and an operative Middleware which handles trade issues, distribution, risk rating, compliance and transactional workflows such as sales control and insurance issuing, compliance of credit quotas/ limits, purchase and production orders, shipments, returns, complaints and reclamations, and even administrative transactions such as purchases or personal transactions like holidays, among others.

It differs for being a tool for its Workflow implementation and modification doesn’t need any programming (it is 100% parametric), allowing users to implement end-products, commercial programs, new business processes, new underwriting policies, in days or weeks, instead of semesters or years. The functions of MantizOnline and the information repository which it creates, lead to the rapid attainment of increasing volumes and revenues, reducing costs and increasing control of underwriting policies. With the payment structure “pay as you go” the return on invest is achieved within a few of months. MantizOnline is able to register transactions in any existing Backend as if it would be part of your process.

A 100% parametrizable tool

MantizOnline is a tool which is characterized by its speed and effectiveness with which it is implemented. Thanks to that it does not require any programming for its implementation neither for modifications which allows companies having a lot of changes implemented themselves to serve their business and differ from their competitors.

All the functionalities are designed to be used with drag-and-drop and point-and-click.

MantizOnline allows creating its own database, configure processes, hold presentations (look-and-feel) for users like the organization needs it and make changes in any moment.

Define the profiles and roles to re-use them afterwards in the different workflows, which are needed by your business is a task that is done in MantizOnline without the need of programming and a question of hours.

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